Friday, 26 March 2010


Here we go again!!!!! Can't believe it's that time of year again, two small but great island cup races to blow all the gunk outta my legs and here we are at the first UCI race in North America for the year. It's a whirl wind trip for me, due to tight budget and really not wanting to be away from Victoria and Regan right now. Grabbed the 5:30 am flight this morning outta Vic and with a short stop over in Vancouver, landed in LA just before 10. By the time I picked up my rental, nice little PT Cruiser (gotta say, although it's a pretty gutless car, it's the perfect rental for a racing weekend...easliy fits bike box and all my gear with enough room for another person and their gear), grabbed a wicked chicken burrito and ice tea (with 2 large chicken breasts for $4..only in the US) I made it to Fontana and had my bike built and was on course just after 1.

Different course from 2 years ago, same as last years I've been told. Substantially shorter and with a super gnarly steep long and loose climb 5 mins in....I'm thinking first lap is going to be a runner. Only an hour in the sun and my arms already have a good red tinge to them, I think the heat is gonna hurt a little tomorrow.

XC tomorrow at 12 for the women, mens at 2:30. ST on Sunday at 2:00, men at 2:45. Find a place to crash for the night and an early flight home monday morning.

Pretty knackered right now, had a great massage yesterday, killer 1 hour easy spin and great day being lazy in my pjs with Regan...hehe, need those kind of days sometimes. Time to make some supper, stretch and relax for the night...yippeee!!!!

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