Sunday, 28 March 2010

XCT 1 - Fontana

Sitting he in my pjs again, after a morning ride to get a good coffee from the Coffee Klatch. I have to say, I'm somewhat disappointed, I'd been hearing really good things about this place, what with it's national championb barista...I was expecting something great with my Americano but it was very can get way better from just an average coffee shop in Victoria...sorry guys.

Still coughing up dust from yesterday's cross country race, first big race of the season. Wasn't too sure what to expect going into it, legs were very jittery and actually a bit achy....and I was pretty nervous. The course wasn't suited to my strengths, lots of steep climbing...and me being by far the biggest rider in the field...I suffer on that stuff. Had a really solid race though and I'm pleasently surprised with the way things went.

I had a perfect start, clipped in on the first shot, in the perfect gear and rocketed forward into 3rd/4th for the prolog. I held this position through the first couple kms till the big sustained 30% grade climb.....ya, yuck!!!!!! I had to gear myself back on the climb, I was pushing a little too hard and was passed by a handfull of racers dropping back to 6th. At the top of this climb we were sent down some pretty fun/techy singletrack and popped out onto a long pavement climb. I found myself in a little bit of no mans land here, just outta reach of Georgia Gould in front of me and just ahead of Kelly Emmett and Emily Batty behind me. This climb was the worst for exposure to the 50mph gusts of wind...ya, pretty nasty stuff. At the top of the road climb you pop back into singletrack and continue climbing. Here I was passed by Emily and Kelly, pushing the pace to catch Pua Sawiki just ahead. I grabbed a couple gears and stood to try to maintain contact but was dropped pretty quickly on the climb.

Once you hit the top of this long arduous combination of climbing, the course turns around and you have a tail wind almost all the way back to the start finish through winding, tight singletrack. It's a really fun section, but really rutted out and rough from previous years. Through here I was able to real Emily and Kelly back in and catch a little draft through a coupel sections. Kelly managed to put a good gap on Emily and myself up the last loose techy climb to the start/ Emily and I road team tactics through the next 3 laps trying to hunt down the girls in front. Switching off pulling into the wind (hahaha, tough me trying to catch a draft behind Emily is kinda funny), we were able to just about real Heather Irmiger in.

I felt really strong in the final lap and pushed the pace, knowing that once I hit the top, I'd be flying all the way home. Having Heather just ahead of me was good motivation, she was my carrot. Finished a very happy and solid 8th place, only 10 secs behind Heather.

Great turn out from everyone from Trek Canada. Emily finish just behind me in 9th, Eric Batty I believe was 10th, Peter Glassford was 15th and Adam Morka wasn't too far behind him. Great start to the season. Thanks to Mr and Mrs Batty and Barry to all the feeding and tech support!!!!

Having a little troubles this mornign pumping myself up for the short track today.....30 mins of torture!!!! Oh ya baby, bring it on!!!!

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Kyia said...

Mical, Nice racing this weekend at Fontana, what a great start to your season!! - Kyia Malenkovich/Anderson here...I have a quick question for you if you have a moment can you email me

Thanks and enjoy Cali!!