Sunday, 27 June 2010

Day 0

BC Bike Race has commenced. Spent $200 in ferry fees, had to get up at 5am, stand in reg line up for 2+ hours, race the prologue for 9 mins, eat really good Mexican food, see my baby brother (6 foot baby brother), meet up with partner and old friends from Calgary.....all in Day 0. I'm not complaining...but maybe I am a little....a lot of work and expense on our part for a 9 min TT.....but everything is on a roll now :)

Day 1 - Naniamo to Naniamo!!!

Super pumped to get to ride with Jeff again for 7 days, and all the Calgary folks. Really stoked that Regan gets the opportunity to be apart of BC Bike Race again...this time as a racer. And really happy that my brother Casey gets to take a "vacation" on the west coast and ride some really cool trails!!!!

Here we go again!!!!


The Well Loved Life said...

I am super close to Cumberland (5 minutes away). Let me know if you need a shower/laundry/dinner run. I am free all Monday. Good Luck!

Magpie Obsessions said...

Good Luck to you and Jeff and Regan! Have fun with Casey!