Friday, 11 June 2010


I really love computers.......nope, not really. Nescessary evil sometimes though. They are a huge convinence...when everything works....haha, but when something goes wrong....for the general computer illiterate user like myself....oh oh.

Last night my computer did one of the those automatic updates...and somehow ended up delating all my e-mails. Haha, normally that wouldn't be a big deal, but being the smart computer user that I am, or not, I hadn't saved all my recipts from the year....I was just storing them in Outlook Express....bad idea.

Thanks Regan for keeping me calm and helping me find most of the important ones late last night...hahaha, spending sometime this morning trying to find the rest of them.....why when you recover an e-mail from the recycling bin doesn't it go back to your email?????

If anyone has sent me any important information that I need to know/read in the past couple days.....Please send again...hehe....Grrrrrrr

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Dave Shishkoff said...

Hey - can give you an email tip that works awesome for me...

Do you have a GMail account?

You can use one as a proxy, and depending on what your current email address is, you might not need to change very much.

I have all my email go to GMail, and then download off there.

So if my Outlook Express goofs, it's still all backed-up on GMail. (Plus, if i ever want to search for a specific email, GMail is great for that, and just open the browser!)

Send me a note if you want more help with this. =)