Monday, 7 June 2010

Where in the world is Mical?

Okay, first off I am so sorry for being so lazy this past week. After the race in Hardwood Hills, my blogging ambition was pretty near zero....still is pretty low, but I think a quick update is definitely in order.

The Team Trek Canada Meet and Greet went off great! Huge turn out of kids for the hero card signing...hehe, yup, I have a hero card now...haha. Race on Sunday was good, super hot, super tough, but good.

I hole shotted into the first single track and got to fully enjoy the flowy singletrack for the first lap without getting jammed up in corners that I'd normally be able to use momentum through.....momentum is my best friend. Emily Batty, Amanada Sin and myself road together for the first 2 and a half laps. Half way through the 3rd lap Amanda put a small gap on Emily and myself, Emily let me in front to try to chase her back (team tactics)....we were making good ground on her then I dabbed in a tight corner, Emily went by and attacked Amanada.

The last lap I was chasing Amanada and finally got her in a cloud of dust down coffee run.....sorry for running into you Amanada!!!! In the end, Trek 1 and 2..... Thanks so much to Barry Near for everything that weekend.

Fast forward a week...a little work, lotsa laundry, lotsa riding, lotsa hanging out with Regan.....I am so glad we finally had a little "US" time. Friday morning, madly throwing clothes and gear into a bag, friday evening head over to Van for North Shore Mountain Bike Festival.

What a great event..Thanks Obsession Bikes for hosting, it's probably one of the funnest events I've been to all year.....and the North Shore riding definitely worked me over.

Finished 1st, won a really wicked Lezyne floor pump. Regan rocked it on his fully rigid Mary and finished 13th......half way through I was wishing for more suspension on my 4 inch fuel......awesome job Regan!!!!! It's pretty cool, he had people coming up to him after shaking his hand and calling him nuts...haha, that's what I it.

Big thanks to Eric Lalonde for giving a place to crash!

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