Monday, 21 February 2011

Fitness Anywhere

Back in Victoria, and of course, I brought with me the cold weather....oh well, gonna make me tough!!!!! Did my first set of intervals outside for the season...OUCH!!! I actually don't mind doing intervals inside on the trainer, but I can never seem to push myself as hard inside as I do outside. I don't think that I actually end up pushing myself harder outside then I do on the trainer, but intervals outside just feel more satisfying.

I want to officially welcome TRX Suspension Systems to my team of sponsors that are helping me meet top fitness and performance for the 2011 race season. I am pretty excited about this little tool from, for it's versatility and ease of use. It's a really neat network of heavy duty webbing that can be anchored to the ceiling or with a small attachment can be hung off the back of a door, that offers an unlimited number of possible exercises. I always find it really difficult to maintain my strength workouts while traveling, but the TRX packs up so small it can go anywhere I travel this summer. Using just your body weight and the TRX, you can work out and strengthen pretty much every muscle group in your body.

I just got a physical assessment done today by Paul McIntrye of the Broadmead Physio clinic in Victoria, the first one that I've ever done. For some reason I've never thought to get something like this done before, but it makes perfect sense as a professional athlete trying to maximize my performance and minimize my down time due to injury. All and all, I'm in pretty good shape....PHEW....a little tight in a couple of areas and a little week in my butt muscles. My butt, really!!! If I work my butt out anymore it's gonna be huge; I really hope Regan like booty! Off to watch the TRX demonstration video to see which exercises will help me with my butt.

Happy Trails

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