Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Really? REALLY???

Yup, just planted seeds in my garden yesterday...haha, must have stepped on a spider.

So much for my week of volume. Today's workout...
Walk to the gym, in mid calf deep snow...30 mins
Spin bike for 90 mins
Elliptical Machine for 30 mins
Swim for 20 mins
Walk to Pro City Cycle in almost knee deep snow....30 mins
Grab a Timmy's half and half on the way, all this snow was just screaming Canadian coffee
Walk to Blockbuster and the grocery store, still almost knee deep.....10 mins
Walk home, definitely knee deep in a couple places.....50 mins

I am pooooooooped....haha

Oh ya, this was the view on the weekend, what a change!!!!


Sarah said...

reading about all your walking makes ME pooped! City life is so different!

Justin said...

Making lemonade! First race of the year this weekend and the same storm that you are posting about is supposed to dump some snow and rain on the course! It's a big loop course.... hypothermia is a possibility! Look forward to seeing all the best riders soon!

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