Saturday, 7 January 2012

Here I go again

Back in the good ole great white north…only it's not too white and not too cold this year!! No such thing as global warming, really??

With camp life comes trainer time!!! I'm used to coming up north in really good shape and just maintaining. But due to a separated shoulder (which is now thought to be torn) and recent hernia surgery, I'm starting the year off in relatively bad shape.

Soooooo trainer time!!!! First couple spins my legs are burning and my but…well, it's gone a little soft in my sedintary month haha. My goal for my first rotation, get myself back in shape!!! So with the 3 week rotation they have me doing this year, big yuck, I've got lots of trainer time.

I do have my skis up here again, but with the amount of snow I'm seeing, I'm not too sure how the trails will be..... And not too sure how my shoulder is going to like that.

Here's to hoping my broken body heals and starts feeling good!!! Back to the trainer for now.

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