Monday, 30 January 2012

Finny Arm and Tzou Date

Yup!!! That's mine :-)

Yippee, feels so darn good to be home and riding outside!!!! This past weekend I caught up on a lot of great riding that I've been missing. Saturday I convinced Pro City Sistas riders Jen and Sylvia into doing the infamous Finnlyson Arm climb!!! For those of you who haven't ridden it, or don't know what said ride is, it's a wicked steep climb sometimes hitting 26% grade at stretches, climbing over 200m in around just 2km!!! Thanks to all the boys of the Pro City Racing team for joining us, and awesome job to Syl and Jen for crushing that one off the bucket list!!!

Oh ya, and all this on my sexy new Trek Project One! Thank you so much Regan for this amazing surprise and for Bill Fry for making it happen! I go in to the shop to pick up my winter cross bike ...... to find the bike I've wanted since it first came into the shop. I LOVE IT!!

On Sunday Regan and I went up and over the Malahat to Duncan, BC to ride at one of my favorite places on the of many that is. Shortly after starting our climb up out of the parking lot we ran in a large group with local riders David Huntley, Kevin Knock, Trevor Jones and a couple others. Regan and I latched onto the back of this ride and ended up hammering out a solid 2 hours of awesome trails....including some locals only knowledge. It's always a great ride when you're pinning a super fast fun downhill for over 5 mins and hit the bottom with the biggest s%$t eating grin!!! Then climb back up to hit some more, and realize that you're heart rate on the decent is almost as high as it is on the climb. We had a great ride and didn't get rained on at all.....finishing ride temperature of 13 deg C certainly helps :-)

Thanks Guys!!

Knackered and Happy!!!! Need a Pioneer Burger

Post ride carrot.....until we got our Pioneer Burger!!

I'm definitely feeling a little worked today, after 2 months off the mountain bike (since my hernia surgery) and almost a month on the trainer, I've lost a lot of my punchy power endurance. But watch out, cause I think it's coming back!!!

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