Friday, 30 March 2012

A wet and soggy TNR

photo by Dave McLellan

TNR #3 for me, and eye-balls out was just one of the terms that I've heard/read regarding how this ride ended up!!! A large group especially for how snotty it was out.....well, just wet, ended up being an awesome night! Lots of tight technical single track, some nasty climbing up Scafe to the amazing view of fog (eerie), some fast descending....all ending with the road hammer back to the switch bridge.

Yup, that was painful. Managed to hang with the group for a little, but one of the short steep road climbs I just couldn't hold the pace today and was dropped like a sack of hammers. Haha, when you have the likes of Max hammering out the front you know it's going to be a hard pace. After running Regan off the path way in my delirious swerving to keep in contact, I managed to slot in behind a group of 4 guys....lead by none other then my matching track suit partner in crime. Sorry guys for letting the gap open up :-(

I was just barely hanging off the back of this group the whole way in, siting just out of contact the last couple km... great training!! Thanks guys for letting me tag along again....and for the convenient mechanical/bathroom break for me around big trees (not as easy for me :-)

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