Sunday, 22 April 2007

Coulee Cruiser

Today, Sunday, was the first Alberta sanctioned event for the season, a mountain bike race Alberta's deep south, Lethbridge. Pretty good turn out, especially considering the amount of moisture we've been hit with this past week, and the sub zero foggy warm-up conditions. Super tough course, with three really steep climbs that I have no problems admiting that I ran up, well, kind of wobbled up, and lots of off camber skinny single track and the odd cactus thrown in for good measure. Despite the really tough course, everyone seemed to have a great day, lots of smiles all around. I guess riding your bike for a day can do that to a person.

My favorite boyfriend, Dallas, in his new and very snazzy looking H & R team kit picked up a second place in a really tough Elite field, way to go babe. Not a bad turn out from the Terrascape racers, enough to supply me with a co-ordinated team wave as I rolled through the feed zone. My dad even raced again, representing the only team Schmoe member and finished second in his cat. Lots of Deadgoats showed up, everywhere you looked, there was a red goat looking at you. Speaking of goats, check out the new Bike magazine, you'll find Cindy Koo in there, really neat shot. And not to mention Tori and her first mountain bike race ever, awesome job, you could have picked an easier one though.

It was really good to see everyone again, kind of like a big family reunion, the first race of the season. Thanks to my grandparents for the muffins and my mom for feeding, but I think I'm going to take that damn bell away from her...hehe


BikingBakke said...

The first race of the season is always a great family reunion. I guess some people "win" and "lose", but we're all out there with the people we like hanging out with and testing our own fitness limits. Sweet!

Poyote said...

Thanks for the compliment and I will see you out on the trail.

tori said...

Thanks chica! It was really nice to see you out there. You and your mom sure add a lot of positive energy to these events. I especially liked the 'healthy muffins'. I always knew you had to be speedy, but I now have a much better perspective on exactly how speedy you are! You're a great inspiration.

Cindy said...

The race was sooo fun and i love the energy your mom has, you know that she has invited everyone over for smoothies! what's your address?
You did great and your new kit is snazzy too!
feild school? if masaki hayashi is your prof on the trip call him Dr. H for me..
Have fun and don't bring home too many rocks.