Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Farmer Tan?

I've got that really nice tan line, you know the one that happens when you don't put the sun screen all the way up to your shorts for some reason or another. It was smoking nice yesterday here at Laguna Seca, really bright sun with a nice cool breeze off of the ocean to keep the heat in check, so I never did see the tan coming. I guess I'm better off than my dad though, who doesn't like the feel of the sunblocking lotion and is so red and dark that it definitley doesn't look like his first ride of the year. Silly man. We rode a lap of the course easily in about 2 hours, plus about a half hour for a little detour that was extremely fun. Everything is really dry here, definitely not the rain that they had last year, but the course is in rough shape in a couple places due to the mass of riders last year riding through the swampy conditions. Same sweeping course to last year with a little bit of eveything thrown at's gonna hurt :)

But it's raining now....just going to head out to have some breaky and go do some more riding. The rain should actually make the course faster, keep a lot of the sand down. As long as it stops at a little rain.

Hehehe...I'm in Californian not in school right now...:)

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