Monday, 16 April 2007

Mud Track

Just arrived home after the trip home from Cali, had a big supper and I'm gonna go do some more I'm stiff, sore and tired today. I know, I whine a lot.

Saturday was the short track, if you've never had the please to witness an off road crit, I highly recommend it, great spectator event. Waking up that morning, the ground was wet but the sun was shiny, my thoughts, it's going to be a great day to ride. Have rice cooker made porridge for breakfast and head up to Laguna Seca. By the time I get my bike sorted out and make it down to the Trek tent, the rain has started. Soon, it's buckets and buckets and buckets of rain coming down hard. Everyone is dashing off in different directions looking for cover, almost like a long lasting flash flood. Surely we can't race in this, early morning road racers start filtering through the crowd looking absolutely frozen, but sure enough, here we go. It's a really strong field of women this year, and cyclocross phenom Katie Compton comes along and just blows the group completely apart. I make it about 24 minutes, with three laps to go, before I'm pulled and finish in 14th spot. When all is said and done, only about 10 women are left on the course, with Katie almost a half lap ahead of second place...ouch. Kiara Bisaro is the top Canadian finisher in I believe third. Not as muddy as last year, kind of peanut buttery mud this year, just as fun to play in though.

Tomorrow I'll update with the XC race.



BikingBakke said...

Didn't they cancel one of the races later in the day due to the torrents of rain?

Mical said...

Not too my knowledge, but I was really surprised when they actaully sent out the group ahead of us. It was raining pretty hard.