Friday, 19 February 2010

New Rigs and Fun Rides

What to do when the day is sunny and dry and...and...and....ya, you betcha, 4 plus hour mtb ride...the last one on the 29er too. We just swing by the shop on the ride home and found 3 bikes waiting for me...hehehe....just like Christmas!!!!!

My highly trained mechanic quickly put my road bike together.....

Uber hot ride...and he even gave me the gentle nudge to head out on the 6am Triple Shot ride. Pretty neat to have almost 30 people meet at 6 am with lights to do hill intervals.....OUCH!!!! Haven't pushed that hard in a long time....but it was really nice to have breakfast waiting for me when I got home just after 8am :)

Really nice kit too!!! Skinsuits this year!!!!!! Really excited about that, good motivation to keeping the camp pounds off this winter.

Last night Regan finished putting together my 8500 and I got out for an awesome MTB ride this morning with fellow former Calgarian Megan (I don't want to rub it in too much, okay maybe I do, +13....too hot in the sun...hehe). The bike is awesome, I was a little nervous getting back on small wheels after a winter of getting used to the 29er, but I'm finding that the smaller wheels are a lot more responsivem, especially in the tight technical stuff. Squishing in as much riding as possible before I go back to work on Monday, so just heading out the door to pick Regan up for a night ride.


Bruce J said...

Too bad you are giving up the 29er. You should ride them both for a while and see which one actually is faster. It worked for Willow. Nice to hear the coast is treating you well.

Steve Neal Performance Development said...

i thought you said you had 3 carbon bikes

Mical said...

I know Bruce, i did enjoy the 29er, but I really like the 26er.....besides, Trek doesn't make a 29er anymore.

Ya Steve...hehe, I was wrong in all my excitment .... oh well, still love it :)