Saturday, 27 February 2010

One week into my last rotation

Yippeeee...almost done. Unfortunately I think I might have to find some part-time work at home when I'm done if you have any athlete friendly ideas I'd love to know !!!!! Please, please!!!!!

Found out recently that I have been invited to Continental Championships (Pan Ams) in ..... wait for it....Guatemala!!!! at the beginning of April. Really excited about that, I've always wanted to go to Cenral America. On the flip side, I also found out that I'm still an unfunded athlete as far as the CCA is concerned. Ya, a little bitter about that one, not carded, not tiered for funding....ugggh. I don't like to complain too much, because it can't be easy to make those decisions, and maybe I'm truely not good enough to deserve any support, I don't believe that, but maybe I think more of myself then I should....hehe. It just seems that I'm being knocked down every step of the way....sorry, a little self pitty moment, I'm done. "Stay Positive"!!!!!

Getting lots of trainer time up north here, great for keeping in cycling shape, really, really tough on the rear:) Had some 5 min intervals today, and although I had troubles motivating myself to actually do anything this morning (recovering from an all nighter the previous night), I felt great during the intervals. I rather surprised myself, love it when that happens!! Olympics is always motivating to watch while working out. Uber excited to get back outside, hopefully soon.