Monday, 15 February 2010

Sunnnnnny Days

Sooo, spent a couple days in Calgary on my way home to Victoria, and of course, need to ride. The only bike I have left in Calgary is my 10 year old green machine, the Brodie Quantum, and a very eclectic mix of bike gear....but hey, gotta ride :)

The weather has been awesome since I got home. 2 1/2 hour mtb ride with Calgarian Caeli Barron (thanks for the ride) on sat. Hard 2 1/2 hour hammer mtb ride with Regan at the Tzou (love the riding there), super busy day out there. And awesome 4 hour mtb / road on mtb ride at the Dump with Regan (awesome day....knackered now)

Annnnnnnnd, today a couple of my bike arrived and lots of kit and tires....yippeeeee!!!!!! I'm cracking the whip tonight and Regan is building my road bike for me so I can do a long road ride tomorrow...hehe. I am such a slave driver....thanks my dear.

Nope, no pics of the new rig/kit yet....but sooon

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