Thursday, 1 April 2010

First big weekend of racing

Ya I know, I'm a little slow on the ST post. It's been a busy week, but I'm mutli-tasking very well right now.....drinking coffee, making super, doing I thougt I'd do some blogging as well. Short track on sunday went surprisingly well especially considering our morning ride to the dissappointing Coffee Klatch I really didn't want to race...I totally would have been okay just hanging out in my pj's all day. Short track is definitely a good event for me, short and painful, and this course was well suited to me....not a lot of climbing. I got a second row call up, but had a great start and found myself in the top 6, which quickly split from the rest of the race. I found myself moving back and fourth in this group from 6th to 4th to 3rd to 5th....constantly changing. Halfway through Gary Fisher riders Willow and Heather split off the front and did a great job of team tactics pulling away from the chase group. In the final couple laps Kelly Emmett and I found ourselves in 5th and 6th, just out of reach of Georgia Gould and XC winner Lene Byberg. Kelly lead through the second last lap and I pulled out a head of her going through the start finish. Here I decided was going to be my only chance of stealing 5th I hammered down, pushing the pace on the final lap. Beyond the first km it's a really difficult course to pass on, so I knew I had the upper hand against Kelly, but decided not to tempt fate and kept pushing myself....and was able to open up a small gap taking 5th place :)

Little disapppointed after the race, I hung around in my chamois (a clean one) for almost 4 hours waiting for podium (always excited for a US Cup podium)...only to find out after all events were finished and all podiums were done (ST men's being the last)....that Willow, Heather and Georgia had done their own podium right after the race (Lene had headed out right away and missed it regardless). Oh well, chamois time is training time right..hehe.

Huge, huge thanks again to Barry Near for everything he has done with the team, Trek Canada, this year. Love the kit, love the bikes, love the team...if you're ever in Toronto be sure to check out Trek Bicycle Store of Toronto on Yonge's pretty cool.

This past fall I did more mountain biking then I think I had done in the past 3 years, and super fun mountian's been great living and training in Victoria. After spending a couple months working in camp (gotta support my cycling addiction somehow), trying to get in any training time I possibly could (lots of trainer time), I've started working more closely with coach Steve Neal again and I'm really excited for the season. Thanks Steve for putting up with me all winter...I know my schedule is definitely a challenge :)

Next race...Pan Ams...Guatemala......sweeeet :)

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Three Fast Women said...

Great work Mical, and good luck in Guatemala!