Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Belgium Waffles

Got an early birthday present from my momma and poppa....a wicked Cuisinart waffle maker...and of course I gotta make waffles. And what better way to start a winter day ride then with Belgium waffles with Nutella....very much screams winter ride (minus the snow). Next on the waffle list, Gingerbread Waffles!!

Met up with Catharine, Matt, Max and Cory Wallace, and proceeded to get hammered for 3 plus hours!!! Shoulda eaten 2 more waffles!! Unfortunately my Garmin was dead outta the gate, so I can't even begin to explain where we went, I was lost for over half of the ride, some pretty cool secret trails though. Thanks for a great ride guys!!

Now, I'm gonna pass out on the couch till my yoga class....hopefully I don't fall asleep in corpse pose.

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