Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Nothing like a team Canada training camp to bring about 18 hours of riding time (it would have been 22 hours if I hadn't eaten some bad meat and spent friday night ......well, lets just say SICK). Thanks Dan for putting together this awesome camp, it was really cool getting to ride with so many fast Canadian women like Catharine Pendrel, Catherine Vipond, Sandra Walters and Jean Ann Berkinpas (formerly McKirdy). And definitely what better way to whip myself back in shape after 2 weeks up north. Also a huge thanks to Regan for getting my bikes ready after 2 weeks of sitting in their own filth and thanks to Bill of Trek Pro City for letting me borrow his sweet Trek Gary Fisher Edition Cronus.....what an awesome ride!!!! Sorry for getting it really really dirty.

Going to be making the most of my 2 weeks off, getting in as much volume as possible, eating as much healthy food as possible, and working on plans for the 2011 season....things are slowly coming together. With less then 2 months till the first race of the season...which just happens to be right here in Victoria in the middle of March.....it's crunch time for training and all other prep. It's amazing how fast the "off" season goes by, especially when you race cross till the end of November.

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