Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Down to the wire

Oh my goodness, a positive 40 degree shift in the weather is definitely good for the brain, going from -35 and overcast to +5 and sunny.....I like it!!!!! Back home on my days off...yippppeee... even though it was only 2 weeks, it seemed to drag on. I was really excited to get some cross country skiing up north, but I'm definitely a wiener at those temperatures and ended up spending a lot of time on the trainer in my trailer....definitely not as exciting. Oh ya, I've officially decided to become a vegetarian while up at camp after my last meal of mystery meat gave me a funny belly....learning how to cook tofu hard and fast.

Today was my first ride outside in over 2 weeks and it was awesome. Team Canada (western edition) training camp in Victoria this week so I'm going to get lots of good miles in. Today we started the day with some technical training, learning how to jump .... hahaha.... a group of cross country racers on cross country rigs learning how to do drops!!! Pretty funny to watch. Downhill coach Mr Pendrel came out to give us a quick lesson and teach us a few tricks, he even got a bunch of cross country racers to drop our saddles!!!! Super fun and definitely a little scary the first couple times (I think my heart rate was just as high as if I'd been climbing), but it's going to be a great skill to master....3 feet, that's nothing, give me 10!!! Right!!!! Soon I'll be able to keep up to Regan on the downhills especially now that he has suspension :)

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