Sunday, 30 January 2011

Volume time

Nothing like a big 18 hour week training camp with the National team (would have been more but the friday night spent hugging the toilet....well), followed by a solid 22 hour week with 2 great mountain bike rides, to make the most of my 2 weeks off!! Yup, a little pooped right now, but not as bad as I thought I'd be. I think the mass amounts of good food this week helped to keep my energy levels high to have 40 hours of good quality riding. I've done the long weeks before, but usually in the past I've felt really drained near the end of the week, so I'm pretty stoked that I was able to finish off my week with a wicked 4 and a half hour Sunday mountain bike ride, chasing Regan, Mel McQuaid and Bill Fry around (though we managed to drop and lose Bill somewhere a long the way). Love trying to keep up with Regan for 4 hours.....he's a lot stronger then he'll admit too.

I have to send a big thanks out to Dan Proulx for keeping me positive with my training and work schedule. I've always thought that having to go up north for weeks at a time to work, in which my schedule is so random that I could work for 36 hours straight or be off for 3 days andwhere I can't do any good solid training.....would be a detriment to my training. But Dan has put such a positive spin on my predicament that I can't help but feel his energy and actually be excited about my training. Volume when I'm home (what better place to get hours on the bike in the winter then Victoria), and intensity up north, short trainer workouts plus a few runs and cross country skis when it's not -40 out! It works out perfectly....just gotta stay away from the baked goods and mystery meat!!

Two more days in paradise, then back to the grind.

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