Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Summertime Sunshine...Almost

I hope you all made it outside today to enjoy the amazing weather. First ride of the year where I actually took my arm warmers off for a while and bared my stark white skin to the sun, absolutely awesome. Roads are pretty much dry enough and clean enough to break out the road bike, and give my new (new to me) powertap hub a go on the road. Makes being unable to travel somewhere "warmer" for some early season riding a lot more barable.

With less than a month to go till the first NORBA race, or I guess NMBS race now, down south in Phoenix, I'm going to have to start getting some quality time on the mtb. With temperatures hovering just below 30 down in Arizona this week, I can already feel the heat stroke coming on. I'm meeting up with fellow Canadians Catherine Pendrel and Matt Hadley on the Thursday evening before hand. Friday afternoon is the TT (6 miles), the ST on Saturday and the XC on Sunday. The XC is a 10 mile course loop and the elite women are doing 3 laps, men are doing 4. Next week Jack has some wicked cruel and painful intervals planned to help get me ready, first of the year....ouch.

Just booked my hotel for Sea Otter Classic. For anyone planning to head that way, look on under Salinas, CA (only about 20 mins tops from Monterey) and the Good Nite Inn is only $60 CDN a night. Only hope it's as nice as the pictures seem to be. No kitchenette though, so if anyone has any good all around and creative meal ideas that you can make with a rice cooker, I'd love to hear from ya.

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