Saturday, 31 March 2007

Time Trial

My apologies for the late update, there's limited internet experience at our ghetto hotel, so we hunted down a Starbucks this morning. Let me give you a little mental image of our hotel set, is actually pretty cozy and we're making good use of our space. Motel 6, four stinky cyclists, two beds maybe twin in size, edge of beds pushed right up against each wall and about two feet in between the two. We've got bikes in the shower, bix boxes hanging from the ceiling, maximizing space. But hey, for under $55 bucks a night, spilt four ways, can't complain.

So, the TT course, soo fun. Lots of rolling hills, bermed corner after bermed corner, one nasty climb in which you choke up you lungs, but so fun. Ended up in 8th place and had smokers cough for the rest of the evening, but it was totally work it. Great way to start off the intensity for the year. There is a great write up and some great pic's from Rob Jones on Canadian Cyclist website, check it out.

Just going to relax for the morning, our ST race isn't till 7:30 this evening in downtown Fountain Hills. Should be fun, there's a huge entrance list....wish me luck.


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BikingBakke said...

Good job Mical, there's a couple of good race pictures of you on Cyclingnews...