Saturday, 10 April 2010


So far so good :) Never been south of North America (Australia doesn't count) so I was pretty excited about being able to finally participate in the Pan Ams (no more final exams to contend with). Unfortunately, for reasons beyond my control and that don't seem to make much sense to me, I had to fly from Victoria to Toronto on one day and then from Toronto to Guatemala on the second day. 2 days of travel to get here was really tough on the system...and my posture. We arrived in Guatemala City on wednesday afternoon...and everyone on team Canada was missing one or two bags of luggage...they seemed to be taking a holiday in Miami. In my brilliant thinking, or lack of thinking, my bike shoes and clothes were in the bag that I decided at last minute to check instead of carrying on....and of course it didn't come, but I guess I was lucky to at least have my bike arrive. By the time we got to the hotel, settled in, built bikes, found a grocery store (2 hour walking in circles with bad directions) it was too dark to go for a spin. I guess it's not the best neighborhood to be out after dark :( Fortunately our bags arrived 10pm that night...yippeeee.

Course is pretty fun and fast, not very technical, but really really rough. The crazy thunder and rain storm we had thursday night did wonders for the course (though it cut out the internet and power :) You learn really fast that things work on Spanish time here, no one really knows whats going on, and when people start flocking to the buses or to should follow. It's a pretty neat set up, all the cyclists are staying at the same hotel (except the Americans), and all meals are provided and buses too and from the venue....there seems to be no rhyme or reason to how things happen sometimes but everything seems to get done. The meals have been great, a little on the small side and lacking a lot of color (very very very few vegies).....I do have to say that Guatemalans do know how to cook chicken.

So just sitting in our highly air conditioned hotel room, legs up, relaxing, recovering....waiting for supper. Tomorrow morning, we race at 8am...yikes.

Coconut water is supposed to be great for electrolytes, which is essential down here. And it just looks cool drinking straight outta a huge fresh coconut.

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Nice work on the 5th place!