Friday, 16 April 2010

The Otter yet again

This week has been a whirl wind of activity. Two days of travel coming home from Guatemala really kicked my butt...not to mention getting the travellers bug gut tuesday morning before getting on the roughest plane ride ever home from Toronto. It's funny too when I asked for a seat close to the bathroom, they ended up putting me in the farthest possible seat...haha, in the middle. I was the worst middle seat passenger ever.

Regan went in super early tuesday morning so he could take a couple hours off to come pick me up, and took all of wednesday off so we could hang out together as it's my only full day home until May 3rd....Thank You!!! and thanks to Pro City Cycle for letting me keep him for the day.

In amoungst my frequent trips to the loo, wew managed a great 3 hour easy spin at the dump, or as easy as you can go there.

Thursday morning bright and early I took off again flying directly from Victoria to San Fran....the direct flight is awesome, 2 and a half hours....uber short. Just sitting outside geeking out on my blog enjoying the really nice California weather getting ready for a spin on the bike. Tomorrow is the short track and sunday is the XC. The XC this year is interesting...not too sure how I feel about it. It's a really short course, only about 20 mins long, and all compressed into a little area (only for the pros, all other categories still get to do the fun long loop). It's a great spectator course, you can see almost the entire race from one spot, but it's really not very fun at all. Someone should smack me....I'm complaining about getting to ride my bike in the sun in California...hehe.

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amanda said...

Sorry to hear that the "bug" hit you on the plane, and in a middle seat! Good luck this weekend. Enjoy the sun and racing. See you in Europe!