Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Nasty Corner

Long bit ot travelling, fly - airport - long fly - airport - fly - rental car fiasco - drive to Houffalize.....arrive at house in Houffalize at 1:30 am......can't sleep for 4 hours (hear Peters watch beep on the hour 4 times.....gonna toss that out the window (sorry Peter) if it does that again).......finallly a little sleep.

I think our place is haunted, I kept hearing a baby last night...freaky. It's a little ghetto, every wall, floor and ceiling is slanted in a slightly different direction...not exactly sure how it's still standing. Tonight....gravol maybe, neeeeed to sleep.

Had to drive back into Houffalize this morning (about 2 hours each way), return our rental fiasco substitute, pick up our actual rental and all our bikes (yup, 4 bike with 4 people and luggage will not, I repeat, will not fit into a little KIA).

It was almost 5 by the time we were able to ride, not too bad considering we didn't really get out of bed until 10:30 ish. 30 min spin down to the Houffalize, then decided to do an easy lap of the course....really tough, lots of climbing....and one nasty rock corner that claimed me twice in a row.....twist the front wheel, burp front tire (loose all air once), over handle bars....I'm okay, my kneecap took the brunt of it. Haha, yup, I'm hobbling around pretty good right now. Gotta go search for a spoke wrench and maybe some more stans....and try again tomorrow.

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