Tuesday, 12 April 2011

California Dreamin

Alright, now that I've moved into the 21st century with my new iPhone I have absolutely no excuse not to blog .....oh poop. Haha.

I am currently sitting in a loaded down VW van with fellow Victoria racer Peter Wellsman speeding along the I-5 enroute to beautiful Monterey California for non other then the Sea Otter classic. It's funny, I've done this race so many times that it's kinda started to loose it's appeal for me, but I'm actually really excited for it this year.

I had a good week of recovery once I got over my fear that I was going to have the equivalent of last years Guatemala gut and be really ill for 3 weeks.....Colombia gut only lasted 3 days. One really gnarly set of max intervals up the back side of Willis Point ......haha, I had a good swerve on at the end of that workout. Then I had an awesome road ride with the Tour de Victoria clinic. Topped the weekend off with the first mountain bike ride that Regan and I have been able to do in...yikes...a month.... Thanks for suffering out there with me!!!!

So now we are about 3 hours into our 17 hour drive and my phone is loaded with lots of Suduko so I'm set!!

Oh ya!!!! Got my new Pro City Racing kit and it looks awesome. Hopefully I can someone to get a pic of it;)

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Cesar Martin said...

Yupi, welcome to the never stay "disconnect from the world" thanks to your new iPhone