Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sea Otter yet again

I'm laying on the couch curled up reading a book and reflecting on finishing my 6th Sea Otter.... Ya 6th!!!! It's one of those events as a cyclist you need to experience at least once in your career. The sheet volume of other cyclists and bike related activities and vendors here at Laguna Seca for this weekend is a little mind blowing. Every cycling discipline, minus track, is raced in one form or another at multiple levels from pro to ametuer this weekend. It's really neat to have so many people who love cycling at one place for a weekend.

So what did I do? Friday was the short track race, which is essentially an off road crit with a course of I'd say under a km, and today, sat was the XC. Had my best finishes at Sea Otter to date with a 10th in the short track and a 9th in the XC. I felt very strong but was definitely lacking the "pop" in my legs to put out the efforts to stay in the pack.....makes for a very long and painful TT in no mans land...... Great work out though!!

My Lazer Helium helmet was so great, really comfortable e well vented to keep my head cool in the scorching sun. My Sidi Dragons were so stiff and of course oh so very very comfortable. And my Genuine Innovations Big Air was there in my pocket for the just in case.....always really glad when I don't have to use that guy!! Thank you Regan and the great guys at Pro City Victoria for dialing in my wicked Trek 9.9!!!!

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