Monday, 18 April 2011

Fuel for the season

I'm home in Victoria for a month.....the longest I've been home, by 2 weeks, all year so far!! Yup, definitely more then a little excited. I've got 3 good races under my belt so far this season, well 4 if you count the short track, and I definitely count that as a really really ......ya, really good work out. It was really neat to race Friday and Saturday at Sea Otter this year (we usually race Sat and Sun), so I actually got to be a tourist and check out the venue without being worried about "saving" my legs for the race. So after my typical bad post race sleep I got up early, had a big hotel continental breakfast and road back up to the venue to do a lap of the old long course. The old long course you ask...ya, the XC at Sea Otter used to be a pretty neat 21 mile loop out and around Laguna Seca. The course is a mix of double track, gravel road and lots of sweeping buff singletrack (which was very rough and chopped out after 1000's of racers/riders on course over the week), and I do have to say, was a lot more fun then the current short course that we do which consists of more road then trail. I had an absolutely great fun ride, taking advantage of as much of the dry, sunny, warm riding conditions that I could.

After riding I worked up the energy to wander around the venue for a couple of hours....WOW!!!! That is definitely an experience! I have a whole new respect for all the people out there working the tents and vendors, especially in the heat. I was wiped right out after wandering around for 2 hours.

So now I'm home, yippeeee....and I have one month to the day to get myself in wicked race shape for the World Cups in Dalby Forest, UK and Offenberg, Germany at the end of May with the Canadian Team. And what to my super duper delight, but a wicked athlete package from Clay at PlanetFoods!!!!!!

I think we need a bigger pantry

I'm so excited to start my day off tomorrow with the best coffee from Kicking Horse Coffee, and fueling training rides with Sharkies and HoneyStinger gels, protein bars, energy chews and the new WAFFLES!!!!

Sharkies (I'm addicted to these from Transrockies)

Protein Bars and Energy Chews

Oh ya!!!! That's right, Waffles!!

Kick Ass Kicking Horse Coffee.....oh soooooo good!!

Thank you so much Clay and Planetfoods for my race season fuel for the season.

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