Monday, 25 April 2011

Happy Easter everyone. Hope the Easter Bunny was good to you!! We found chocolate Easter eggs yesterday on out ride out through Thetis Lake yesterday!! Yummmmmmm....haha. Ya, I did snag them and I did eat them:)

I had an absolutely wonderful week home so far, with some really great training and super fun riding. The weather in Victoria has been great (well, minus the rain today) since I got home, and even reached high teens on Sat. Definitely signs of summer! I have officially put away all winter gear for the summer, and no matter what the weather it's not coming back out!!!

Saturday I went on a long easy road ride with the Tour de Victoria clinic group down to the William Head prison. As the road out is a dead end road, the prison guard came out to make sure that we weren't lost ;) Then the long climb out. It's amazing how much a warm sunny day can increase the mood of a group, and make the climbing seem not quite as daunting.

Sunday, Regan and I went out for an amazing mountain bike ride (profile posted below) on some secret trails up and around Mt Finlyason. I've missed doing long steady climbs living here on the island, ya I've missed long climbs...haha, but this is definitely a good trail to fix that. Long, steady, steep loose double track and techy singletrack say, how can that be fun??? But the long fast twisty descent is definitely worth the effort. It's funny how rewarding a ride like that can feel once you've hit the top and let your heart rate and legs settle down.

Monday's are generally my active recovery days, and today being a kind of snotty day outside, Regan and I decided to go swimming. I've been trying to get back into swimming a little through out the past season. I used to do a lot of swimming as a kid, and was actually quite good, but it's amazing how "gone" those muscles are when you don't use them for a while. 15 mins and I'm pooped now.....but it's a great strength workout for the upper body and core, and helps to balance out all the cycling muscles. And it definitely makes me sleep well at night!!

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