Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ever have tired sore hands after mountain bike riding?? Blisters?? Slippery grips?? Ya, big problem, and a lot of people actually don't realize that there is a really great, comfortable, inexpensive and easy fix for that!!! ESI Grips makes the most amazing, that's right, I'm calling these grips amazing, silicone grips. I was turned onto them when I tagged along with the Trek/VW team a couple of years ago, and I will not let another set of grips stay on my bars for more then a ride.

Trust me, this isn't a shameless plug!!!!!!! You really need to try these out for yourself. My larger hands prefer the Chunky 60gram grips versus the Racer's Edge 50gram grips, but both are a step above anything else!
So.....I want to thank ESI Grips and welcome them to my team of sponsors for 2012!!!! Trek Victoria carries them ;-)

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