Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Shoulder Update

YESSSS!!! It's a big day for me and my shoulder, I did my first set of 5 real, that's right, REAL, push-ups since October. It's been really slow progress, a lot slower then I would like, but I think I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel with this injury. Final diagnosis was tendonitis in the rotator cuff (still possible cartilage tear..YUCK) go along with my separated shoulder. I've had very healthy tendons and never had the pleasure of dealing with tendonitis like this before. I'm currently 4 months since my crash and finally getting to the point that most movement is painless...not 100% yet.

Paul from Broadmead Physio in Victoria, has been putting my shoulder through the paces to diagnose and "repair" the damage. Who knew a 2 pound weight could be SOOOO heavy! Thanks to Alex and Yves for setting up my MRI and getting me in. As well, Melanie aka RacerGirl's Shoulder Prehabilitation episode has been a great addition to my rehab.

Look out, soon I'll be swimming again....or at least learning how not to take 40 mins to go 1km!!! Ouch, that really was slow.

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