Friday, 17 February 2012


So I'm putting it out there in writing for everyone to see now!!! So you can all hold me to my word ;-)

I've been focused on the Olympic distance cross country mountain bike racing for the duration of my career. The Olympics was my ultimate goal, but I've realized it may not be realistic at this point because Canada has 3 women within the top 7 in the World!!! Canadian women are the fastest in the World!!! I'm actually extremely excited to start moving my racing career in a slightly different, but no less challenging and commited direction.

For this summer, 2012, I'm moving my focus to the large stage races, such as Transrockies and the Furious3 series. These events are very fun and challenging at the same time, bringing a large number of people from all walks of life together with the common passion of cycling. Defending my title as Queen of the Rockies and breaking into the exciting new Furious3 series are tops on my list for the summer.

Fall and winter of 2012/2013 are going to be focused on the wonderfully goofy sport of cyclocross with World Championships being on North American soil for the first time ever! Being on the top podium in Louisville, Kentucky come January is my ultimate focus for this upcoming season. I'm going to use my summer of stage racing, along with all the fantastic UCI races in North America such as the USGP series, to get there.

My Xterra goals are going to pushed to the side for 2012, due to my cyclocross focus on World Championship, but I'm going to spend the summer refining my swimming and running so that I can hit the 2013 season full storm. The rumor mill has it that Xterra is scheduled to make an appearance in the 2016 Olympic summer games, and that's where I want to be!

Beyond the upcoming season, I'm going to continue pursuing these great stage races and expand my scope. Stage races have an amazing atmosphere that seems to make me fall more in love with cycling every time I race! As well, I'm going to continue pursuing the fastest growing discipline in cycling, cyclocross, with the goal of being National Champion and World Champion. Last but not least, Xterra Racing is hot on my list, which is also an extremely fast growing side of triathlon, working towards World Championships in Hawaii and the 2016 Olympics.

Join me on my journey and help me out if you can :-)

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